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Communication electronics manufacturer

Electronics Manufacturer – Focused on Telecommunications, Control, Monitoring & Security Solutions using GSM/GPRS, 3G and LTE Technologies.

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Gainwise provides professional In-House electronic design and manufacturing for our global customers from our headquarters in Taiwan.

GAINWISE electronic manufacturer Production Service and Introduction

Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a Taiwan based manufacturer and supplier of wireless communications solutions to Telecoms worldwide. Gainwise has been offering our customers high-quality Voice, Data and Security solutions with Advances

View our quality products GSMWCDMA,4G, LTE, Wireless, Home Security, Intercom, controller, Opener, M2M, Gateway, GPS, Router, VOIP, and feel free to Contact Us.


3G / 4G intercom
4G / 3G intercom
4g opener
4G / 3G Controller
4G / 3G FWT
4G Smoke Detector

About Gainwise

GAINWISE is an solution company which is specialized in designing communication products. All our engineers have experience over 22 years in designing GSM/3G module embedded products……..

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