GPS Signal Booster-(SGB-190)

GPS Signal Booster-SBG-190GPS Signal Booster is are-radiating equipment. It can receive the outdoor GPS satellite signal and conduct to indoor place for radiating again. When a GPS Satellite is revolving around the earth it will transmit continuously satellite signal to the earth, but the strength of satellite signal will weaken to only around -125dBm when it arrived to the earth ground. Such weak signal can’t penetrate into buildings or vehicles; besides, its reflection or scattering signal can be detected only in around windows area.

Model :SBG-190

SBG-190 is built for the purpose to transmit the GPS satellite signal from outdoor to indoor, and re-radiating the receptions for multi-users to operate GPS Receivers inside buildings or vehicles. SBG-190 contents a power regulation circuit, a high frequency low noise amplifier, a signal radiation set, and an active outdoor antenna to receive the GPS satellite signal.

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GPS Signal Booster Features

  • Plug-N-Play easy to use and improves your GPS signal strength
  • The re-radiating range could reach one meter diameter
  • The simple of structure makes for easy installation
  • For L1 band GPS signal, meets most of the GPS Receivers on the Market
  • This unit is not directly connected to your GPS unit, and can therefore be used with a variety of different models. It draws power from your car cigarette lighter. It is great for GPS without external antenna connector such as Garmin eTrex.


SBG-190 ModulePower required: 10~13VDC,  Less than 4 mA, @12VDC input (Active Antenna not included)
Gain: ~14dB
Frequency:L1 Band, 1575.42 +/- 10MHz
LED Indication: Red(for Power Input)
Operation Temperature:-40℃~ +80℃
Operation Humidity:5%~95%
Radiator(Interal)The length of Dipole is 8 cm without SA
The length of RG-147U Cable is 2M
Range: 5 meters around
External GPS Active antennaImpedance: 50 ohm
Gain: average 35dB need, for 2-5meter cable, but it may
Depends on the length of cable
MCX connector: providing 12VDC, 55mA power for the External Active Antenna
Standard: 5 meters
Option:10, 15, 20 meters

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