WiFi Video Doorbell (Silver)-(TH601W)

WiFi Video Doorbell uses WIFI and is made up of aluminum for durability.
It has a night vision enabled HD 720p camera which allows you to stream what is going on at the entry point at 30fps. You can also record everything and store it in the inbuilt memory card to view it later.

Model :TH-601W

WiFi Video Doorbell-TH601WWiFi Video Doorbell-icon

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3G GSM intercom system-(SS1603-01)

Our 3G GSM intercom system is a new entrance intercom system working on the GSM/WCDMA network. It is like door station of intercom system but it does not need communication with another home station. Your mobile phone replaces the home station. You can answer the door and talk with the visitor from any location when someone visit.

Model : SS1603-01

3G GSM intercom system-SS1603-013G GSM intercom system-icon

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GSM intercom audio doorbell (Vertical)-( SS91BV-M)

The product is a vertical GSM intercom, made of stainless steel to monitor and manage your house/facility/warehouse entry points through your mobile device. It uses a high quality durable button along with water resistant speaker and microphone.

model : SS91BV-M

GSM intercom, doorbell (Vertical)
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GSM intercom ,(Horizontal)-(SS91B-M)

The SS91B-M product is a horizontal GSM intercom, designed for use with stainless steel. It uses a high quality durable button; the speaker & microphone is designed with a water repellent. It uses the GSM network, its main function when the visitor presses the call button (the call number can be added 3 sets out the number), it will dial to your phone for a call, in the call you can also use the phone to open the door

Model : SS91B-M

GSM intercom ,(Horizontal)GSM intercom, audio doorbell

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