3G GSM intercom system-(SS1603-01)

Our 3G GSM intercom system is a new entrance intercom system working on the GSM/WCDMA network. It is like door station of intercom system but it does not need communication with another home station. Your mobile phone replaces the home station. You can answer the door and talk with the visitor from any location when someone visit.

Model : SS1603-01

3G GSM intercom system-SS1603-013G GSM intercom system-icon

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3G Audio Intercom (3G Audio doorbell)-(SS1404)

The product is a GSM/3G Audio Intercom and the panel is made of stainless steel along with integrated molded plastic. It uses a smaller mother board compared to the other devices and also uses a high-quality and durable LED light button. It will dial to your phone for a call, in the call you can also use the phone to open the door.

model : SS1404

3G Audio Intercom, SS14043G Audio Intercom,-icon

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