GSM intercom doorbell (Vertical)

GSM intercom audio doorbell (Vertical)-( SS91BV-M)

The product is a vertical , made of stainless steel to monitor and manage your house/facility/warehouse entry points through your mobile device. It uses a high quality durable button along with water resistant speaker and microphone.

model :

GSM intercom, doorbell (Vertical)


  • Answer the gate intercom and open the gate from anywhere in the world
  • Calls up to 3 numbers landline or mobile
  • No wires from the house to the gate.
  • Simple to set-up by sending SMS
  • Anti-Vandal and stainless steel design
  • Wireless Intercom through GSM network
  • 1152 user caller ID access control by free call

GSM intercom, specification

Operating Voltage 12 to 24 Volt AC/DC
Operating Current Maximum 250 mA, Typically 55mA
GSM / 3G Module Cinterion / Simcom
GSM / 3G Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Physical size Face plate: 170 x 100 mm, Stainless cabinet: 174 x 113 x 65 mm
Length of antenna 3 meters cable
Humidity Less than 80% RH
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 50℃

Android &IOS APP

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