GSM Access Control-(SS1106)

The SS1106B-03 product is a GSM access control. It is rugged and assembled with an aluminum case. The product is small and easy to install. It uses the GSM network. Main function: Use the phone to dial it, it confirms the call number and opens the door and hangs the phone. You can also send SMS to open the door. It can control two door locks

Model :SS1106B-03

GSM Access Control-ss1106GSM Access Control-ss1106-ICON


GSM Access Control Features

  • It uses the GSM network
  • Open the door through phone call without fee
  • Set by SMS or call or APP
  • Authenticated by Caller ID of mobile (1152 User)
  • Remotely operate in the mobile network in the world
  • You can check in and out of the situation
  • 2 outputs / 3 inputs
  • Check dial in and out numbers log via SMS


Power supplyAC or DC 12V-24V/1A
Power consumption12V input Max. 50mA/Average 50mA
Band FrequencyGSM Quad bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
SIM CardStandard mini SIM Card
Relay Rating10A/240VAC
Antenna50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
Temperature range-20-+60°C
Humidity rangeRelative humidity 90% (condensation free)
Exterior dimension90mm*60mm*27mm
Net Weight300 g

Android &IOS APP

Google Play: 3G intercom

Apple Store: 3G intercom

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