CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal-(NEOS3000ACR)

CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal can be connected to a telephone system, to a standard telephone and can be used for Voice, GPRS Data, SMS and PC Fax transmission (optional). It can be installed within a few minutes and its installation requires no special technical skills.

Model :NEOS3000ACR

CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal-NEOS3000AR


Fixed Wireless Terminals

Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWT) are devices that use a wireless communications link as the ‘last mile’ connection for delivery of POTS (plain old telephone service) and/or broadband Internet service to customers. These terminals are often used in situations where traditional landline infrastructure is not available. They can also be connected to a phone system to help reduce the cost of calling mobile phones.

CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal Features

  • Connect to an analog trunk port of PABX or a standard phone or
  • Make direct mobile to mobile phone call to replace the expensive PSTN to mobilephone call
  • Automatically take advantage of the lowest rate to reach the LCR
  • Mobile Trunk and Back-up telephone line
  • Wireless payphone application



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Phone port:RJ-11 interface for POTS
Line port:RJ-11 interface for PSTN
Power:AC/DC adapter
LCM signal:USB connector for liquid crystal display module (optional)
Body dimensions:160 x 120 x 27mm
Net weight:280g
Packaging:1 unit/box and 20 units/carton
SMA antenna connector
USB B type interface for data transmission

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