Electronics Design

Electronics DesignElectronics Design

Customized system wiring solutions are available that are precisely tailored to the specific requirements of each application.

Small household appliances: such as induction cookers, microwave ovens, coffee makers, electric fans, electric ovens, etc.

Automotive electronics: such as wafer locks, car alarms, speed detectors, rearview mirror controllers, electric sunshades.

Photoelectric products: such as flashlights, emergency lights, and lamp controllers.

Battery products: such as protection circuit boards, nickel-metal hydride battery chargers, lithium battery chargers, universal charging ICs.

Consumer electronics: such as temperature controllers, power supplies, water oxygen machines, etc.

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Motorcycle/ Vehicle Tracker-(MGT-388)

Tracker-MGT-388Motorcycle/ Vehicle Tracker is designed as a durable and multi-functional 3G GPS tracker. It integrates highly sensitive GPS module and 3G communication module with a powerful microAccess Control that fits into a compact enclosure. The device is capable of being waterproof and ideal for use in a motorcycle, golf carts and vehicles.
Model :MGT-388

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GPS Signal Booster-(SGB-190)

GPS Signal Booster-SBG-190GPS Signal Booster is are-radiating equipment. It can receive the outdoor GPS satellite signal and conduct to indoor place for radiating again. When a GPS Satellite is revolving around the earth it will transmit continuously satellite signal to the earth, but the strength of satellite signal will weaken to only around -125dBm when it arrived to the earth ground. Such weak signal can’t penetrate into buildings or vehicles; besides, its reflection or scattering signal can be detected only in around windows area.

Model :SBG-190

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